Code:  AC-160-DIN
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Wireless multifunctional relay for DIN-rail installation


The wireless multifunctional relay is a component of the JABLOTRON 100+ system, but it can be equally installed as a stand-alone device without a link to a control panel. Jablotron AC-160 DIN wireless multi-functional relay for DIN-rail installation, it can be installed as a stand-alone device without a link to a control panel.

It provides a switching contact relay with galvanic and safety isolation for switching 230 V/16 A power loads. The relay can respond to the status of control panel PG outputs or to the activation of devices of the JA-15x series with unidirectional communication, enrolled directly to the relay. The response can be selected from five modes – the default NATURAL function (extended copy), IMPULSE, STATUS CHANGE, SWITCH OFF and BLOCK.

The relay also has a button for a direct manual status change. It allows you to update the firmware via a USB port.

It is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail. It occupies one position (zone) in the system.

You can find the product by unique code: AC-160-DIN.

Part number AC-160-DIN
Supply voltage 24V DC;
Power consumption 0.5 W/1.7 W
Other features Resistance load (cosφ=1) max. 16 A ; Inductive, capacitive loads (cosφ=0.4) max. 8 A
Size 18 x 90 x 65 mm, 1 DIN module
Weight 0.065 kg
Working temperature, °C -10 to + 40°C, relative humidity 75% no condensation
Includes IP20, IP40 for the front panel (EN 60529)
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