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WIFI Stand alone carbon monoxide alarm New


The household standalone carbon monoxide detector (detector) can detect car
bon monoxide gas leakage, prevent the damage caused by the leakage, it
adopts high stability electrochemical gas sensor, with characteristics of
stability, minor sensitivity drift etc.The detector flash red with alarm sound
when the alarm  detects a carbon monoxide gas leak and reaches the alarm
condition set by the alarm. This detector is suitable for installing in residential
houses with potential CO gas occurrence.

Product Features

- Electrochemical Sensor.
- Temperature Compensation.
- Battery Low Voltage Alarming.
- Sensor Faults Detection Automatically.
- Anti-reverse and anti-leakage function of battery.

You can find the product by unique code: JM-ZL2211SW-CB

Part number JM-ZL2211SW-CB
Gases detected CO (Carbon monoxide);
Supply voltage ;
Alarm contact 12V;
Other features WIFI
Sound level 85 dB;
Working temperature, °C -10 - +40
Size 86.5 x 86.5 x 30,5mm
Weight 200g
Certificate BS EN50291-1:2010;
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