Code:  ZR153SW-CB
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Tuya WiFi Smoke Detector-ZR153SW-CB New


ZR153SW-CB Home WiFi Photoelectric Smoke Alarm (Alarm) detects fire by sensing smoke. When the indoor smoke reaches a certain concentration, the alarm will sound and light alarm. This alarm is suitable for residential use. The photoelectric smoke detector is controlled by CPU, which can intelligently judge the smoke generated in the fire and alarm; it has low power consumption and has the functions of electronic self-check and power supply undervoltage prompt.

You can find the product by unique code: ZR153SW-CB.

Part number ZR153SW-CB
Detector type Smoke;
Alarm contact 12V;
Other features wifi+bluetooth
Supply voltage 3V DC;
Working temperature, °C 0 - +50
Size 76x 76 x 28,5mm
Weight 0.083 kg
Certificate EN14604;
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