Code:  ZTD1205B-R
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Uninterruptible Power Supply with alarm relay, 12V DC, 5A


Uninterruptible power supply with alarm relay, 12V DC, 5A.

  • applicable to all types of access control system, building intercom systems, alarm monitoring system;
  • power protection - output over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection;
  • battery over-charging protection, over-discharging protection, anode & cathode wrong connect protection;
  • product type: switching power supply;
  • LED indicators on the Front Panel: LED1: AC input LED2: DC Output LED3: Battery Charge indicator;
  • failure Indicate: AC failure or battery output low voltage indicate (Voltage value 105-11V);
  • relay specification: 3A/120VAC 3A/24VDC;
  • triple electronic protection: Short circuit, Overload, surge;
  • battery Discharge Protection: Battery supply voltage cuts off at 9.5-10.5V;
  • recommended battery: 1 x 7Ah (External Connection Only).

You can find the product by unique code: ZTD1205B-R.

Part number ZTD1205B-R
Supply voltage 100-240V AC;
Output current 5 A
Output power supply 12 V DC
Other features Recommended battery: 1 x 7Ah (External Connection Only)
Size 159x88x65 mm
Weight 0.31 Kg
Includes 3 LED indicators on the Front Panel
Color Grey;
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