Code:  JA-114HN
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Four-input and four-output module


A bus module that provides four wired inputs with adjustable EOL resistor values, four galvanically separated signal PG outputs and an auxiliary power supply, protected with an electronic fuse.

Besides the EOL resistor type, the values of resistors can also be set for the inputs. The outputs are designed as galvanically separated ones (two have a common C terminal in each case). The module occupies four positions in the control panel and it is equipped with a front and rear tamper sensor.

It is mainly suitable for the refurbishment of wired alarms, where old detectors are kept. They are also very frequently used to control multiple appliances through the PG outputs. The auxiliary power supply makes it possible to supply current to boost relays connected to the signal output.

You can find the product by unique code: JA-114HN.

Part number JA-114HN
Output power supply 500 mA / 38 V
Output current 200 mA
Other features Max. measured resistance at input 20 kΩ
Power consumption (standby) 25 mA + consumption of connected devices
Number of zones 4;
Supply voltage 12V DC;
Size 77 x 40 x 31 mm
Weight 0.260 kg
Working temperature, °C -10 to +40 °C
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