Code:  J408-8
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8 zones conventional fire control panel J408-8, non-expandable


Designed and made according to EN54 and EN12094-1 standards (with J400-EXT extinguishment module), the J408 is a microprocessor based control panel for small to medium applications.

Each detection zone has an alarm-repeat output for selective management in the event of fire.

The control panel has supervised, silenceable alarm-outputs for self-powered sirens, piezoelectric sirens, fire bells, flashers, telephone diallers, etc.

Main features:

  • EN54 and EN12094-1 approved (with J400-EXT extinguishment module);
  • 8 (J408-8) controlled, balanced, bypassable input zones;
  • up to 32 devices can be connected to each zone: conventional fire detectors, alarm buttons, gas detectors;
  • gas zone compatible with 4 – 20 mA gas detectors;
  • manual call point recognition;
  • programmable thresholds;
  • day/night mode;
  • alarm verification time;
  • programmable restoral and reset times;
  • one alarm-repeat output (open collector) for each input zone;
  • 2 supervised, silenceable, bypassable 24 V alarm output for the activation of piezoelectric sirens, fire bells and flashers;
  • silenceable, bypassable alarm output, for the activation of 24 V self-powered sirens;
  • silenceable fault-warning output for the activation of signalling and auxiliary devices;
  • supervised fire output for telephone dialler activation;
  • programmable open-collector output;
  • alarm/fault memory up to next reset;
  • command for silencing sirens;
  • keypad commands require key or code.

You can find the product by unique code: J408-8.

Part number J408-8
Number of zones 8;
Zone expansion up to Non expandable;
Supply voltage 220V AC;
Size 354x280x100 mm
Weight 4kg
Includes No mask, no battery
Certificate EN54;
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