Code:  JA-114E
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Access Module with display, keypad and RFID


The JA-114E is an access module with LCD display, control keypad and an RFID reader to control a security system. Contains one operating segment and, if needed, can be equipped with up to 20 JA-192E control segments.

The JA-114E is an access module with an LCD, keys and an RFID reader designed for controling an alarm system. It includes one control segment and if needed it can be equipped with maximum 20 JA-192E control segments. It allows the Easy, Smart and Flexible control of an alarm system by using segments. It communicates by the BUS and it is powered from the BUS. Implemented power consumption saving function during AC outage. It is addressable and occupies one position in the alarm system. Menu options allow the convenient control of sections, zones, PG outputs and event reports.

  • the JA-114E allows simple control of the system using interlocking segments;
  • communicates via the bus and is powered by it too;
  • the module has a power saving function;
  • the module is addressable and occupies one position in an alarm system. The menu allows for the easy control and management of sections, zones, PG outputs and reports on PG events.

You can find the product by unique code: JA-114E.

Part number JA-114E
Includes RFID 125 kHz
Power consumption (standby) 50 mA
Supply voltage 12V DC;
Size 102 x 128 x 33 mm
Weight 0.270 kg
Working temperature, °C -10 to +40 °C
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